7 ‘Must Read’ Anti Aging Skin Care Tips

Looking or some anti aging skin care tips?

Here are a 7 tips to get started with a winning anti aging skin care routine;

Tip# 1. Eat a healthy diet: A well balanced diet is the key to maintaining a proper body metabolism. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables (raw), they are the best source of fiber and have a very refreshing effect on your body. Avoid oily and fatty food; not only do they lack in essential nutrients but also cause obesity and other diseases which aid the aging process.

Tip #2. De-stress & Relax: This is probably the most important anti aging skin care measure. Stress disturbs the body metabolism and accelerates the aging process. Sleep, exercise and take a relaxing bath, are all good ways of beating stress. Aroma-therapy is also known as a stress buster as is using the herbal ingredient ginseng.

Tip#3. Drink water and lots of it: Anti aging skin care can’t be any simpler than this. Water helps in flushing out the toxins from the body, hence keeping it clean and making it less prone to disease. Around 8 glasses of water (per day) is recommended by all doctors.

Tip#4. Exercise: Regular exercise is a wonderful anti-aging skin care procedure. Besides toning your
muscles, it also helps in cleaning the skin by flushing out the toxins in the form of sweat. Exercise should be followed by a warm shower in order to completely remove the toxins expelled by your body when sweating.

Tip#5. Choose quality ingredients: You’ve probably heard ‘what you pay for is what you get’ and skincare ingredients are adhere to this. Not all ingredients cost the same. Some ingredients cost more to manufacture and therefore be prepared to save to be able to purchase a quality product rather than choosing cheaper, low quality products.

Tip#6. Take advantage of modern ingredients: Products with argireline, vitamin k and collagen are very popular and effective in the realm of anti aging skin care.

Tip#7. Protect your skin against UV radiation: UV rays are known to speed up the aging process. So, a good sunscreen lotion should be a part of your anti aging skin care routine.

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